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Professionally Installed

After investing in our remodeling services, you'll start looking for reasons to hang out in your bathroom and kitchen. Impress friends and family with your great taste in mirrors, plate glass, and screens. Call us to discuss your bathroom and kitchen plans today.

When you take advantage of East End Glass & Mirror's custom mirror, plate glass, and screen services, you'll be amazed by how much better your kitchen and bathroom will look. Call us today and experience our top quality kitchen & bath services!

In the course of your lifetime, of all the rooms in your house, you will spend the most time in your kitchen or bathroom. Life is too short not to have a kitchen or bathroom that you can be proud of, so call us today!

Upgrade the rooms you spend the most time in

Let our services transform your space

Allow us to perform our magic on your kitchen and bathroom.

Be the envy of your visitors

- Custom mirrors

- Plate glass

- Shower and tub enclosures

- Insulated glass

- Patterned and etched glass

- Architectural glass

- Glass railings

- Skylights

Ways we can renovate your rooms

Well decorated bathroom with mirror.