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Professionally Installed

It is no secret that mirrors are fragile, and the bulkier they are, the harder they are to move. Avoid 7 years of bad luck by having East End Glass & Mirror create and also install your custom mirror for you. We provide custom mirror services for residential and commercial buildings.

Not only can you choose the size and shape of your custom mirror but you can also embellish it in any way you want. Your mirror is made specifically for you so we make sure you are fully satisfied!

Make an investment you won't regret

Order your custom mirror from us today.

Allow us to install your mirror

- Custom Mirrors

- Plate glass

- Storm and screen installation and repair

- Insulating glass

- Tub enclosures

- Frameless shower enclosures

- Tabletops

- Storefronts

Take advantage of any of our services

The placement and size of a mirror can easily make any room appear larger and more sophisticated. Take advantage of this technique by investing in your very own custom mirror from East End Glass & Mirror.

Enlarge your living space

Wooden Frame Mirror on the wall.